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At Angelo’s Home Improvements, we take the utmost pride in serving our customers in a professional and friendly manner.

Our aim is to always make you, the homeowner, happy and this has resulted in many of our customers repeating our services when they move on to new homes...the utmost display of confidence. A further display of this confidence is shown when our customers refer us to their friends and family. We are thankful for this and are also proud of the fact that building management companies and superintendents feel confident in referring our services.

Before we begin your renovation, we consult and work closely with you, the homeowner, by offering our ideas and ways to maximize and show off your space.  During the remodeling process, we will respect and protect your space — our multi-tasking and speedy, efficient planning ensures the least amount of down time and inconvenience for you and results in your project finishing on time.

Enjoy your new home!


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New York, NY